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WEINMANN Treff 2018


Timber framers from all over the world visit WEINMANN


The in-house exhibition at WEINMANN once again provided a wealth of information on the latest technologies and trends for timber construction. The event attracted 400 attendees made up of which included timber framers, suppliers and industry experts from all over Europe. WEINMANN Treff was an opportunity to directly share knowledge between timber framers and suppliers and also for WEINMANN to provide customers an insight into the future of the company and how it plans to further support their interests. With the new machine designs presented earlier this year, the company has taken further steps to deliver improvements to their products through innovation in design.


For some time now, pre-fabricated timber construction has seen a positive amount of growth worldwide and was reflected by the great interest and attendance level in the WEINMANN Treff. Numerous carpenters and prefabricated home builders from all over Europe came to St. Johann to WEINMANN to discover the latest trends and innovations. A delegation from the Hungarian prefabricated housing association also traveled to St. Johann. Even in training, interest in the technologies for timber construction is increasing. Around 20 students from the Lycée Couffignal in Strasbourg and the carpenters' class of the Kerschensteinerschule from Reutlingen gathered information at the WEINMANN Treff. Around 100 participants took the opportunity to visit the factories of existing WEINMANN customers to observe their production and processes on site.