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SCM Group presents its 2015 results


The Woodworking Division records an extraordinary performance


The SCM Group is a leading producer of advanced technology solutions for the woodworking industry. Andrea Aureli, the SCM Group Chief Executive Officer, underscored the outstanding 2015 results, achieved thanks to the unique values that helped make SCM a world leader. The Group, headquartered in Rimini, Italy, includes 20 overseas branches, 3 main production centres in Italy with total area of 600,000 square meters, and over 3,000 employees, 1,000 assistance technicians and over 350 distributors and agents operating in 120 countries.

"We are extremely pleased with the 2015 results. We closed the year with over 500 million Euro in sales, a 10% growth compared to 2014, and with 56 million of gross operating margin, a net profit of 17 million and debt down to zero," said Mr. Aureli.

Mr. Luigi De Vito, Director of the SCM Group Woodworking Machinery Division, presented the outstanding results of the Woodworking Division. “With our Woodworking Machinery Division – whose offering addresses the entire secondary wood processing sector, with a market value estimated at 3,300 million Euro – we have reached a turnover exceeding 380 million Euro, a brilliant result which places us as the second player in the sector.

The Division’s turnover has increased by 23% compared to 2014, with over 17,000 machines sold. Mr. De Vito explained that behind this growth “The top performers are without a question two technologies: all models of our machining centres and our edgebanders achieving over 30% in orders total growth. Without forgetting a 16% rise in orders for our classic machines, all while our competitors are reporting declining sales. Regarding specific markets, we are proud of our growth in the Western European area, a +40% surge, with Italy leading the way with +70%; followed by the Asia & Pacific markets, with a +60% growth."

Mr. De Vito also listed the major investments the Group plans to make in the coming years: "We will continue to invest heavily in international markets, particularly in emerging markets such as the Asian Far East, in order to accompany our customers more closely." Also in more consolidated markets, such as Europe, "we are going to boost our position by establishing partnerships with top- quality companies, in Austria and Switzerland for example, where our product line will be marketed by leading local distributors, with first-rate specialists, impeccable service and technical support."

Another market which the Group has been studying with great interest is the wood construction industry, in which, according Mr. De Vito, "our CNC machining technologies are the jewels in our crown thanks to their machining versatility and reliability, and in which we are committed to continue investing in both product development and distribution."