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LIGNA 2017


On Track for Success

LIGNA, the world's leading trade fair for machinery, plant and tools for the woodworking and timber processing industry, is gearing up for its 2017 season (22 to 26 May). While the opening day is still about six months away, the organizers, Deutsche Messe and the German Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers' Association, can already speak of an excellent turnout: 90 percent of the available exhibition space has been booked."LIGNA is on track for success. In fact, compared with the same stage in the planning cycle for the last show, we are well ahead in terms of booked space,"commented Christian Pfeiffer, the Director in charge of LIGNA at Deutsche Messe. "For the upcoming show we are partnering with the German Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers' Association and our regular exhibitors to develop a new thematic layout that reflects the changing ways in which customers of all sizes use woodworking and timber processing technology. And I'm pleased to say the initiative has really paid off."The upcoming LIGNA will see smaller providers showcasing themselves alongside major players, to the benefit of all concerned. Exhibitor locations at the show are now based on salient aspects of technology use, giving rise to completely new display clusters. Visitors, in particular, will benefit considerably from this revamped layout plan, which is designed to make their visit even more efficient by giving them quick, convenient access to the themes that matter most to them.