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Finland will have one wood exhibition covering the whole value chain


Jyväskylä Fair Ltd. has purchased the Woodworking exhibition from Lahti Fair Ltd.


Jyväskylä Fair Ltd. has purchased the traditional Woodworking exhibition from Lahti Fair Ltd. The Woodworking exhibition will be merged with the Wood and Bioenergy exhibition held biannually at the Jyväskylä Paviljonki Congress Centre. As a result, there will be one event in Finland covering the whole value chain of the wood industry fullfilling the long-term dream of exhibitors and visitors.


“For several years, there has been a need in the wood industry to have one biannual international exhibition in the country. It is wonderful that Jyväskylä Fair Ltd. can offer an even better event than before and move forward the wood industry in Finland in a holistic manner due to the merging”, states Mr. Leo Potkonen, the managing director of Jyväskylä Fair Ltd.


Mr. Jussi Eerikäinen, the managing director of Lahti Fair Ltd. similarly agrees that the newly signed agreement will ensure the sustainability and development of the fair operations within the Finnish wood industry.


Mr. Jyri Siekkinen, the sales director of Jyväskylä Fair Ltd. and the head of exhibitions of the Wood and Bioenergy exhibition notes that Jyväskylä will have an event where the whole wood sector from the stump to the table leg will be included. The goal is that all actors in the sector will benefit.


“The exhibitors will benefit because all the buyers of the sector will be at the same place at the same time. The visitors, on the other hand, will at once get an overall insight into the new machinery and services available”, Mr. Siekkinen states.


Senior Advisor, MSc, Mr. Heikki Sonninen, Member of the Board of Eumabois (Technology Industries of Finland) also contentedly welcomes the merging of the two events. “The merging of the exhibitions in Lahti and Jyväskylä will be an excellent opportunity for the entire mechanical wood processing industry. In this swiftly changing situation it is important that we join forces to discover every possible means of cultivating our business.” “And it is now possible for the Jyväskylä exhibition to reach the size and scale fit for European competition”, Mr. Sonninen assures.


The Wood and Bioenergy exhibition in Jyväskylä has had the Eumabois-status since 2001. Mr. Jürgen Köppel, the vice-president of the European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers congratulates the parties to the contract on the decision. “The establishment of Wood&Bioenergy in Jyväskylä perfectly fits into the Eumabois strategy to provide European and global technology suppliers for wood and wood-based materials with a reasonable, consistent calendar of exhibitions, including significant events, properly organized, reflecting the real needs of their reference market”, says Mr. Köppel and promises always their full support in co-operation.


The head office of Jyväskylä Fair Ltd. is located in the Lutakko neighbourhood of Jyväskylä, which is formerly known for its woodwork industry. Wood exhibitions have been organised there since 1989.


"On the whole Jyväskylä Fair Ltd. has been active in this merging matter for a long time and the conversation with Lahti Fair Ltd. has been ongoing for several years. The wood industry is a very important one for Jyväskylä and it has always been very dear to me personally because of my own education and employment history”, states Mr. Leo Potkonen.