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INDENA reveals at Vitafoods 2018 two new products from its unique R&D pipeline


Besides the most recent clinical evidence on its leading turmeric brand MERIVA® THE LIFE GUARDIAN™, fully food grade delivery system (Phytosome®) based on the scientific biomimetic approach, Indena brings to the market QUERCETIN PHYTOSOME®, and VAZGUARD™. Quercetin is one of the most common flavonoids available in several botanical species. It is normally poorly bioavailable but, through the Phytosome® formulation, it was shown to provide plasmatic levels up to 20 times (according to a pharmacokinetic cross-over study in healthy volunteers). A new clinical study on sports nutrition is now available, and it will be unfold during the Vitafoods at the New Ingredients Zone Theatre on Tuesday 15 May, at 16:20–16:50.


Bergamot derives from Citrus bergamia Risso et Poiteau, an endemic plant of the Calabrian region in Southern Italy and is characterized by a unique pattern in nature of polyphenolics, specifically flavonoids, present in its juice. VAZGUARD™ is the purified Bergamot polyphenols fraction formulated with the Phytosome® food grade delivery system to optimize the biological absorption of bergamot polyphenols that are normally characterized by poor solubility both in water and in organic solvents. 


With VAZGUARD™ Indena meets the need of a purified and genuine Bergamot extract with an excellent phytochemical characterization, and a superior bioavailability for a complete solution in the cardiovascular field of use.


Discover more visiting us at our stand – E14, and attend our presentation on Healthy Aging at the Life Stages Theatre on Thursday 17 May, at 11:00-11:30


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