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Aging well starts young


AstaReal presented its range of natural astaxanthin products for a wide variety of applications at Vitafoods Europe

As the global pioneer in natural astaxanthin cultivation and R&D, AstaReal presented its high-quality product range and various prototypes at this year’s Vitafoods Europe. The company showcased effervescent tablets, soft gums and innovative bulk products all containing the powerful antioxidant. From improved vision to mental sharpness and better muscle performance, natural astaxanthin offers scientifically backed benefits for healthy aging.

Derived from the microalga Haematococcus pluvialis, AstaReal® Astaxanthin is a natural carotenoid. It can boost muscle endurance, counteract fatigue, reduce inflammation, improve skin texture, and enhance capillary blood flow in the eyes as well as in the brain. This makes it a valuable ingredient for supplements boasting healthy aging benefits, and those targeting active consumers.

In his lecture at the Life Stages Theatre, AstaReal’s Global Scientific Ambassador, Dr Mark Miller, highlighted why natural AstaReal® Astaxanthin is becoming a premier ingredient for healthy aging and revealed latest market trends and opportunities. He explained: “Consumers are being encouraged to think about how they can add healthy years to their lives, thus increasing their healthspan – the segment of your life in which you are healthy and generally free from serious or chronic illness.”

Andie Long, Marketing & Sales Manager at AstaReal, added: “Aging well starts young. Therefore, the demographic for healthy aging products is, to some extent, unlimited. This means that products that may have traditionally been targeted towards an older population group may now be appealing to a younger audience.”

In addition, AstaReal was selected to be a part of the popular Innovation Tours, which guided attendees through the show to meet selected suppliers offering solutions for a range of indications. AstaReal was featured as a part of the “Beauty from within” tour, where they highlighted natural astaxanthin’s clinically proven benefits for skin health.

Natural AstaReal® Astaxanthin can be used in many different formulas targeting skin health, sports and recovery, eye and brain health, cardiovascular support and immunity. Besides tablets and capsules, innovative product formats are possible too, such as gummies and effervescent tablets. In addition, it is scientifically backed, safe and of the highest quality.

AstaReal pioneered the development of natural astaxanthin as a nutritional ingredient. Today, AstaReal® Astaxanthin is the most studied brand of natural astaxanthin worldwide, with a portfolio of 60+ human clinical trials conducted among more than 1,800 participants. This depth of research gives the company a high level of expertise that is available to clients to help with formulation, manufacturing and marketing.

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