VacuumExpo – Industrial Applications and Scientific Vacuum Technologies


The event that connects Europe’s supply chain with users of vacuum technologies

11th & 12th October 2017 Ricoh Arena Coventry UK


Event opening times

Wednesday: 10 AM–5 PM 

Thursday: 10 AM–4 PM


Quality exhibition quality event

Vacuum Expo is a free event that brings the whole supply chain together under the one roof: supplier companies, consultants, universities, science groups and innovative new-comers. The Vacuum Expo exhibition enables you to research solutions, examine technologies and investigate applications for the many different uses in research and industry. Make a better-informed purchasing decision.


Be aware of the perils of the Internet:

a. On the internet one product can seem like just another

b. Understanding every detail that you need to know takes a long long time

c. Many vacuum technology products are bespoke.


Getting down to the in-depth detail is quicker face-to-face, more comprehensive face-to-face, and a whole lot more enjoyable face-to-face.


Together with: 

VISION UK – Industrial Imaging, Machine Vision, Factory Automation, Inspection

Vacuum Symposium – A forum for scientists, academics, technicians and industrial users


Thin Film and Coating Technologies for Science & Industry from Fundamental Research to Applied Coatings


Surface Analysis – Innovations and Solutions for Industry

What is on the surface? What is the composition?

Keynote speaker: Prof Sven Schroeder, University of Leeds

Wednesday & Thursday

Plasmas and Liquids: Sources, diagnostics, modelling and applications.

Keynote speakers: Dr Petr Lukes, Institute of Plasma Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Dr Kristian Wende, INP, Greifswald, Germany



The Enlighten Conference – One & Two Day Programmes, Tutorials, Seminars, Posters

15 programmes, 20+ tutorials, 100+ invited speakers

(Advance registration is requested)


Graphene & Emerging 2D Technologies

This is the UK's only meeting dedicated to graphene for photonics and optoelectronic applications.

Keynote speakers: Prof Andrea Ferrari, Cambridge Graphene Centre, University of Cambridge, UK

Iñigo Charola, Graphenea, Spain

Visit Vacuum Expo and introduce human interactions to your sourcing!


All you need to know at: www.vacuum-expo.com