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Customized hose solutions for the food industry



Food and drink producers are responsible for ensuring that their products pose no health risks and comply with the legal or contractually agreed regulations. As an international partner for the food industry, ContiTech supplies high-performance hose solutions that have no negative effects on foodstuffs. They comply with the requirements of regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004, EU 10/2011 and EC 2023/2006 as well as the recommendations from the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) and the directives of the American Food and Drug Administration in the US (FDA). Regardless of this, hoses used in the meat and meat product industry, the dairy industry, the confectionery and bakery industry or the gourmet and frozen food industry also have to be made from different rubber compounds than hoses used in the production of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. There are two rubber compounds that cover certain areas of both foodstuff groups: alcoholic and grease-resistant. However, they do not display the full set of performance parameters required for either media group. ContiTech hoses are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the food industry. If hoses are to work safely and reliably, they must meet clearly defined parameters for cargo, flexibility, compressive strength, temperature, ozone and UV resistance as well as cleaning and disinfection.


Ideal for foods containing oil and grease

Designed to conduct media containing grease and oil, the Lactopal is a hose suitable for use in dairies as well as the confectionery and bakery industry and the gourmet and frozen food industry. This high-quality multi-purpose hose complies with the most stringent hygienic requirements and has all the necessary certification reports. The white, non-porous and smooth inner lining complies with recommendation XXI from the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) as well as the directives of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US. The hose can be cleaned appropriately and disinfected if necessary. Thanks to its high-quality textile compression member and abrasion-resistant hose cover, the hose is exceptionally robust and dimensionally stable. 




The Lactopal high-quality multi-purpose hose from ContiTech complies with the stringent hygiene requirements of dairy and the food industry. The non-porous white inner lining complies with recommendation XXI from the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) as well as the directives of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US. That means that it is taste-neutral and odorless. (Photo: ContiTech) 




The Conti Cleanjet is suitable both for the thorough cleaning of machines and systems and for the flow of foods containing oil and grease. It is used in food production, particularly by the meat industry and industrial kitchens. The robust high pressure hose reliably transports hot water up to 80°C and is available with different pressure levels up to 90 bar, making this long-lasting hose different from all other cleaning and food hoses available in the market. To ensure adequate cleaning or sterilization of the hose, the Conti Cleanjet – FDA is steamable in open systems up to 6 bar and +164°C.



The Conti Cleanjet – FDA is the ideal high pressure hose for the food and beverage industry. It is suitable for a hygienic flow of foods containing oil and grease, but also for the thorough cleaning of machines and systems. (Photo: ContiTech) 




Developed for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages 

ContiTech produces Purple Snake and Purple Snake Plus Conductive high-performance hoses for the beverage industry – developed especially for conveying wine, beer or highly alcoholic beverages. Purple Snake is used by breweries worldwide as a hygienic and clean connection between barrels and brewing vessels, in bottling systems or on beer tank trucks. But this flexible hose also has an excellent reputation in the beverage and spirits industry. The high-performance special inner lining is completely odorless, taste-neutral, homogeneous and smooth. The hose is also robust, long-lasting and easy to handle. 


As a flexible constructional transport connection, hoses are indispensable in distilleries and spirits companies. However, hose lines can gain an electrostatic charge from the media flowing through them, or when the hose is dragged across the ground, for example, and thereby turn the production area into a potentially explosive area. This is because the charge can reach such high energy levels that sparks can develop, for example, during coupling of the hose line, and these sparks can ignite an explosive mixture. To avoid this danger, it must be possible to discharge any electrical charge generated on the inner hose surface safely through the hose wall. Purple Snake Plus Conductive is the first beverage hose that not only meets strict food legislation requirements but also conducts static charges thanks to the spiral-shaped black conductive strip in the inner liner and the hose cover. This high-tech hose is therefore ideally suited for use in Ex zones. In addition to its electrical discharge conductivity, the other advantages of this brand-name hose include flexibility, compressive strength and long service life – even under extreme application conditions. The hose is suitable for transporting highly alcoholic liquids – up to 100 percent pure alcohol – but it can also be used to convey granulate and powder media thanks to its high abrasion resistance. 



Purple Snake has a smooth and taste-neutral, homogeneous special inner lining that ensures a hygienically pure flow. Thanks to optimized temperature resistance the high-quality beverage hose complies with the increasingly stringent requirements that users have with regard to cleaning and disinfection. (Photo: ContiTech) 



Thanks to its electrical discharge conductivity, Purple Snake Plus Conductive is suitable for use in Ex zones. This brand-name hose also meets all statutory food safety and hygiene requirements. (Photo: ContiTech) 




Quality is crucial

Food and beverage hoses from ContiTech are safe and long-lasting operating resources thanks to special rubber compounds and structural components, ultra-modern manufacturing processes and extensive experience in hose production. Comprehensive quality controls during the entire production process ensure that every meter of the hose is of the same high quality.


The author:

Cengiz Citlak is responsible for the food and beverage hoses product group in the Industrial Fluid Solutions business unit at ContiTech.