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Leak testing innovations from Pfeiffer Vacuum


  • ASI 35 tracer gas leak detector 
  • ASM Pocket app
  • Remote control for leak detectors


At the ComVac, Pfeiffer Vacuum is presenting the ASI 35, a leak detector that is ideal for mechanical engineers, integrators and end users. It combines high performance, reliability and repeatability with extremely short cycle times. At the same time it provides maximum flexibility. It can use both helium and hydrogen as tracer gases. The leak detector is designed for sophisticated testing tasks with miniscule background signals and enables short overall throughput times. In addition, the sturdy iridium filaments ensure a long lifetime.


The modular design makes it easy to integrate even in confined spaces. Leak detector ASI 35 was equipped for universal voltage to enable it to be used worldwide without the need for any particular configuration. The device is also designed for operating conditions with temperatures of up to 45 °C. Its easy integration is enhanced by a broad spectrum of interfaces allowing data collection and full external system operation. With a customer-specific input/output configuration, the device can also be operated in its basic configuration without a PC or PLC. 


Connectivity and ease of handling are essential components of the Pfeiffer Vacuum strategy. To control the leak detector, the company therefore developed the ASM Pocket app which is also presented at the trade fair. Readings (leak rate, pressure) from the leak detector are shown in figures and as a graph on the mobile end device. 


The app can be used for starting and stopping measurement cycles, autocalibration and for activating the zero function. The app can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store or Google Play for use on iOS and Android platforms. It is connected to the leak detector through Bluetooth (Android) or Wi-Fi.


At the ComVac, Pfeiffer Vacuum is also presenting a new remote control for leak detectors. This can be used to control all essential functions of the leak detector: to display readings, start and stop the test cycle, set switching points, and change the test mode. Along with a large touch screen display, the remote control has an integrated LED light, acoustic signals, a long battery life, and a multilingual user interface. 


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Pfeiffer Vacuum ASI 35 modular leak detector