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New HiCube Eco turbopumping stations


  • Modular design
  • Connectivity of pressure sensors
  • Maximum energy savings


The new HiCube Eco turbopumping station from Pfeiffer Vacuum is characterized by its modular design. Due to its numerous options for combining 
different turbopumps and backing pumps, the HiCube Eco can be configured to ideally adapt to all high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum application demands. All pumping stations provide connectivity for digital pressure sensors. 


This pumping station now reaches the ultra-high vacuum range even faster, especially when combined with the HiPace 300 H turbopump which delivers particularly high compression. Up to now, conventional turbopumps could only reach these pressures if considerably larger and more energy-intensive backing pumps were used. All HiCube Eco turbopumping stations are fitted with particularly energy-efficient backing pumps that have a DC drive. The turbopump and the backing pump form a single unit in the pumping station. If there is no gas load in the vacuum, the pumping station automatically reduces the backing pump output. This results in maximum energy savings. 


If required, the HiCube Eco can also be remotely controlled by a USB converter, which can be obtained as an accessory. All operating parameters and the pressures of the optionally available pressure sensors can be read with this converter.


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New HiCube Eco turbopumping station from Pfeiffer Vacuum