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BOGE selectcair


Customer service of the future is today’s reality at BOGE

With the new BOGE selectcair after-market program, BOGE KOMPRESSOREN revolutionises its customer service. The concept is as unique as the extremely low-maintenance High Speed Turbo compressor (BOGE HST) for which it has been developed. The focus is on the technological advancement to customer-specifically achieve the highest efficiency values. To this end, the BOGE Analytics service option exploits the potential of all machine and production data. As a result, the compressed air systems manufacturer offers a proactive customer service – including continuous system optimisation.


BOGE selectcair is the future in the field of after-market and a quality promise. The service concept draws on the excellent efficiency values of the oil-free High Speed Turbo compressors. “Each component of BOGE HST has been optimised for its intended use. With BOGE selectcair, we surpass ourselves and continue to enhance the development of the technology according to the customer’s operating conditions“, explains Thorsten Meier, Managing Director of BOGE. With BOGE Analytics, system performance is increased to the best possible result in a customised manner in line with requirements through intelligent data analysis and the Continuous Improvement Programme. This is an ongoing process. Based on the principle “Safety First”, the use of the intelligent data provides fast help if, against expectations, maintenance is required. BOGE’s promise to its customers is a recovery within 24 hours. For this purpose, “First Aid Kits” are deployed worldwide. This kit will arrive, through a reliable supply chain, at the same time with the trained service engineers at the customer’s location. An expensive investment in redundancy units is not necessary any more. 


With BOGE selectcair, the system manufacturer for compressed air solutions is pioneering in the field of after-market service. As a result, the company offers the optimum program for the High Speed Turbo technology that is the benchmark in the field of oil-free compressed air generation.


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