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Dr. Harnisch Publications is a long standing publisher of professional trade magazines based in Nuremberg, Germany, and has specialized in the area of food and beverage, woodworking, promotions and incentives, and Business Guides. The company was founded in 1919 and established itself through the export journal "Übersee-Post".

Dr. Harnisch Publications
 stands for current and professional industry information through quality writing and editing. With fast changing businesses like the food and beverage industry, you need as much up-to-date information as possible these days. For more in-depth information about each individual publication, as well as circulation and price details, please go to the relevant magazine.

Currently, the following industries are being targeted: 

Food & Beverage industry

  • Food Technologie
  • food Marketing & Technologie
  • Getränke! Technologie & Marketing
  • drink Technology+Marketing
  • Wellness Foods & Supplements
  • HYGIENE Report

Food retail industry & consumer promotion industry:

  • dedica Magazin

  • fng Magazin – food nonfood getränke tobacco

 Manufacturing, building & construction industry:

  • WIN – Woodworking International

  • element+Bau

  • PuK – Pumps, Compressors & Process Components