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Energy-efficient vacuum


At the Anuga Foodtec trade show, Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems presented completely new solutions for energy-saving vacuum generation

Busch not only focused on the actual vacuum pump in its presentation, but also defined a total of five elements that cover the entire vacuum packaging process and contribute to the packaging of fresh food products in a more cost-effective and energy-efficient manner.

The performance, quality and cost-effectiveness of a vacuum pump are crucial for the efficiency of the entire packaging process. At Anuga Foodtec, Busch presented the new R 5 RD 0360 A, one of the sizes of the latest generation of vacuum pumps specially developed for vacuum packaging. It is characterized by high pumping speed and, at the same time, a 20 percent reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional vacuum generators. The waste heat from the new vacuum pump can be used as heat energy thanks to an optionally integrated heat exchanger.

However, the comprehensive "5 Elements of Efficiency" concept considers more than just the use of an energy-efficient vacuum pump and the use of waste heat. One noteworthy feature is the control unit for the vacuum pump, which can be precisely tailored to the packaging machine. At its trade show booth, Busch demonstrated this with the Mink MV 0080 C claw vacuum pump. It comes as standard with an integrated, demand-driven control system. Such a control system makes it possible to achieve additional energy savings.

When using several packaging machines, it is worth considering a centralized vacuum supply. This means moving away from individual vacuum pumps in packaging machines and towards a central vacuum system. Here, too, Busch demonstrated convincing solutions at its booth that can drastically reduce energy consumption even further. The installation of a central vacuum system outside the production areas alone can considerably reduce the energy consumed by air conditioning. Furthermore, servicing tasks can be performed during operation without the need for maintenance staff to enter the production areas.

Busch also offered details to the numerous visitors to Anuga Foodtec about the possibility of a VacuumAudit. This involves a vacuum specialist from Busch checking the complete packaging process and identifying potential for optimization in terms of energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, performance and servicing.

Busch central vacuum system for supplying several packaging machines at a food manufacturer. In this case, centralizing the vacuum supply resulted in an annual energy saving of 100,000 kW/h.