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Primeval superfood meets 21st century


As part of Hi Europe & Ni 2018, GoodMills Innovation demonstrated how innovative products can be created from ancient pseudo grains

At this year's Hi Europe & Ni, GoodMills Innovation showcased a functional ingredient rich in heritage but one that had long been forgotten: Tartary Buckwheat, which contains phytochemical rutin, an effective ingredient for Traditional Chinese Medicine. This prehistoric pseudo grain scores highly as an ingredient thanks to its added nutritional value and, as a result of state-of-the-art refinement technology, offers the best taste properties for various applications. The grain specialist also used the trade show to present a prebiotic wholegrain fibre concentrate before its official market launch next year. Thanks to specially processed dietary fibres, this is regarded as optimum "feed" for intestinal flora.


The RutinX product range includes both flour and crispies made from fermented Tartary Buckwheat. The high content of rutin, which is a known antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, is of particular nutritional interest. Also rich in the trace element zinc, baked goods with RutinX support carbohydrate metabolism. In early 2019, additional scientific studies will be launched to investigate the blood sugar-regulating properties of this superfood.


Michael Gusko, Managing Director of GoodMills Innovation, says: "Despite all the health benefits of Tartary Buckwheat, it also offered us a great challenge: the taste. That’s because the rutin contained in the pseudo grain causes a very strong bitter note. However, we found the solution in a patented, special fermentation process. This allows us to achieve an optimal sensory profile and, at the same time, maintain the full nutritional benefit and even expand it." 


RutinX is ideally suited for bread and roll recipes, as well as for pastries. Visitors to the stand were able to sample biscuits based on wheat flour in combination with RutinX crispies and RutinX flour to get an idea of how well and simple taste and health benefits can be combined. Moreover, the good sensory and technological characteristics of RutinX also allow for other applications such as pasta, muesli and functional drinks.


Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ivan Kreft, Emeritus of the Biotechnical Faculty of Ljubljana, was also available to answer questions about Tartary Buckwheat. He commented: "This buckwheat combines the taste of the good old days with today's high demands for healthy food. For me it is - despite its long history – an ingredient of the future, a true European superfood: it is very resistant to pests, tolerates strong sunlight as well as cold or inhospitable altitudes, hardly does not require any fertilisation and contains many valuable plant constituents. The tastings at the exhibition illustrated the range of tasty baked goods and confectionery products that are possible with Tartary Buckwheat. After strong interest from visitors to the stand, I am sure that we will soon find more and more innovative products with this buckwheat variety on the market." 


Even before its official market launch in early 2019, the Hamburg grain specialist used its presence at the fair to exclusively present its new wholegrain concentrate White Gold® made of High MAC-fibre  to trade visitors. The abbreviation MAC stands for microbiota accessible carbohydrates; special dietary fibres that are particularly bioavailable for intestinal bacteria and also highly bio-usable. These special properties result from the way in which the fibre is processed: it is ground into an ultra-fine concentrate. In sensory terms, the micronised fibre is appealing because of its light colour and slightly sweet taste. Possible applications include various prebiotic bakery products, but it can also be used in shakes and smoothies because there is no impairment of the mouth feeling thanks to the fine granulation.