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drinktec 2017


Innovations go directly to your smartphone


drinktec 2017, the World's Leading Trade Fair for the Beverage and Liquid Food Industry, and the VDMA Association for Food Processing Machinery and Packaging Machinery are offering two new digital services that are unique in this form: the Solution Directory and the Innovation Guide. Both online tools help the user to quickly find the exact solutions and new developments that they are looking for and are tailored to suit the industry's specific needs. That gives drinktec's exhibitors and visitors significant added value.

What is it about?

Plenty of visitors are familiar with the situation: You have a problem and are looking for a suitable solution. In many cases, your only alternative is to tediously go from one exhibitor's stand to the next. Conventional product directories don't get the desired results if visitors don't know which products to even consider. And if the problems or requirements are complex, only system solutions—not individual products—will do.

When it comes to innovations, the situation is quite similar: Every visitor attending the fair looks for them, but in actual practice, they are difficult to identify in the trade-fair “jungle”—at least the ones that are tailored to application requirements and could be just what you're looking for. On top of that, many (potential) customers have their doubts when it comes to exhibitor announcements in flowery “marketing speak.”

drinktec developed the new services based on these considerations as well as surveys and interviews with experts and customers (exhibitors and visitors). They are digital, mobile and immediately available. The Solution Directory and the Innovation Guide, which are linked to one another, will further improve networking between exhibitors and visitors.

Solution Directory

What are solutions?
Together with the VDMA Association for Food Processing Machinery and Packaging Machinery, drinktec defined approximately 50 solution criteria that exhibitors can select from. Examples include:

  • Switching products flexibly and easily
  • Processing and filling products with care (e,g. vitamin content)
  • Efficient, sustainable use of water
  • Conserving packaging materials
  • “Free of” ingredients (allergen free, gluten free, lactose free, GMO free, dairy free)

How does the Solution Directory work?
Exhibitors select the categories that apply to the solutions that they offer. They are then listed as a provider under the respective category both in the online catalog (Exhibitor Directory) and in the new Matchmaking tool. Those who want to quickly find exhibitors that are relevant to their needs can search the entire range of exhibits according to solutions.

What are the advantages for exhibitors?

  • Having an entry in the Solution Directory ensures that your areas of expertise are visible in the respective category.
  • Visitors who are interested in the solutions in your portfolio will find you more easily.
  • More contacts and more potential customers at your stand.

What are the advantages for visitors?

  • You find exhibitors who have solutions for your application sector more quickly.
  • You can contact the respective exhibitors directly.
  • The Solution Directory is also available to you after the fair is over.

Innovation Guide

What are innovations?
Together with the VDMA Association for Food Processing Machinery and Packaging Machinery and other industry representatives, drinktec identified corresponding criteria for innovations.

  • They are based on ideas, developments and/or inventions.
  • They facilitate improvements and/or new developments.
  • They may be related to products, techniques, processes, technologies, services or business models.
  • They are successful on the market and benefit the customer economically.
  • They take social trends into account and may offer the end consumer added value.

How does the Innovation Guide work?
The Innovation Guide is part of the drinktec App. It allows exhibitors to indicate what innovations they have available and are exhibiting at drinktec. The innovations of a given exhibitor are not visible to visitors until they enter the hall in question. This prevents information about the exhibitors' innovations from being released before the fair.

What are the advantages for exhibitors?

  • The innovation entry can be linked to a sector, solution category or product category. This makes it possible to find specific exhibitors more quickly.
  • Exhibitors can market their innovations on a mobile device and contact interested customers directly at the fair.
  • Exhibitors have more contacts and more potential customers at their stands.
  • Exhibitors who have an entry in the Innovation Guide also get an “Innovation Icon” in the online catalog.
  • Exhibitors' innovations are only visible to visitors who have actually been in the respective hall at the fair.

What are the advantages for visitors?

  • Linking innovations to sectors, product categories and solution categories allows visitors to search for specific exhibitors that meet their needs before the fair even begins.
  • However, visitors do not find out which concrete innovations an exhibiting company has in its portfolio until they enter the hall in question. When they do, innovation entries are sent to their smartphones and they can experience the innovations directly at the stands.
  • Predefined innovation routes are visible on a virtual hall diagram before the fair begins, which makes its easier for visitors to plan their visit to the fair.
  • In the online catalog (Exhibitor Directory), an “Innovation Icon” appears next to the entries of exhibitors who have innovations on display at the fair.
  • Exclusively for drinktec visitors: Only those who attend drinktec are actually informed about innovations directly.