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drink Technology + Marketing

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drink Technology + Marketing
Erscheinungstermin: 12.03.2018

The Beverage Year Ahead

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As winter draws to a close, we finally shake off thoughts of hibernation and stretch in all directions ready for the adventures to come; now is the time to take stock and see what is on our metaphorical plate for the next weeks.


The Returnable Beverage Crate: A Hi-Tech Marketing Tool

PDF (516 KB)

Beverage crates are almost a century old, but more alive than ever. From a simple, sturdy means of transport, it has evolved to a hi-tech marketing tool with limitless possibilities. DS Smith Plastics is the market leader in the design and production of innovative and telling beverage crates. The crates DS Smith manufactures for the beer and beverage industry play an important role in the brand awareness of their customers' products. Even the inherent sustainable nature of plastic crates is played out in the overall marketing strategy.


Delicious, Convenient, Safe: New Instant Tea Range

PDF (84 KB)

Sunphenon® Instant Teas, offered by ingredients specialist Taiyo, allow manufacturers to create tea-based products with valuable health benefits and a full tea flavor. Available in specially selected Black, Green and White Tea, Oolong, Matcha and Pu-Erh variants, the instant teas contain all of the beneficial tea ingredients in their natural ratios. Being free from pesticides, heavy metals, BaP/PHA and other potentially harmful residues, the fine powders are perfect for safe and high quality products.


First Digital Efficiency Assistant for Steam Boilers at the Bechtel Private Da

PDF (459 KB)

While increasing their production capacity, the Bechtel private dairy ("Privatmolkerei Bechtel") from Germany also modernized their process heat supply. The new boiler system, with nearly 30 tons of steam capacity per hour, is one of the first worldwide with MEC Optimize. Based on the operating mode of the system, this digital efficiency assistant from Bosch predicts the service life of individual components, suggests measures to increase efficiency, and instructs the user in implementing them. All electrical sensors and actuators of the boiler system are connected to an analysis tool like the ones used with a famous particle accelerator or for controlling the underground in a global metropolis.


Lightweight Packaging Operations in Pakistan Grow with Technologically Advanced Factory

PDF (66 KB)

Ecolean, the global producer of lightweight packaging solutions for liquid food, for both chilled and ambient distribution, has as part of its continuous growth strategy announced its expansion plans with a new factory in Pakistan. A simple yet graceful event was held at the ground-breaking site in the Sundar Industrial Area, in Lahore, Pakistan on the 10th of October 2017. The groundbreaking ceremony was officiated by the Swedish Ambassador to Pakistan H.E. Ms. Ingrid Johansson, and was attended by Mr. Peter L. Nilsson, CEO Ecolean Group, Mr. Kamran Khan, Regional Director Ecolean Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd, along with his senior management, Ecolean clients and media representatives.