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food Marketing & Technology

Ausgabe 1-2018

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food Marketing & Technology
Erscheinungstermin: 19.02.2018
Cover Story

Instrumentation Solutions for a Progressive Dairy Company Project

PDF (312 KB)

MILEI 2.0 refers to the new facility of the internationally active dairy company of the same name based in Leutkirch, Germany. Covering an area of 15,600 square meters, the globally unique production plant features a stainless steel facade which is a visible reflection of the company's commitment to quality and performance leadership. It stands out thanks to the combination of process steps used by the EXPERTS IN WHITE to make top-quality products from milk and whey. As part of this major project, Endress+Hauser supplied the process instrumentation for standard and hygienically demanding measurement tasks.

special - Anuga FoodTec

A World of Food Industry Innovations

PDF (2 MB)

As the leading global trade fair, Anuga FoodTec (March 20-23 in Cologne, Germany) is again the most important driving force of the international food and beverage industry. It is the only trade fair in the world that covers all aspects of food production. The industry will presents innovations and technological visions - from processing, filling and packaging technology to packaging materials, ingredients, food safety and the entire range of innovations from all the areas associated with food production. Ian Healey met up with Matthias Schlüter, Exhibition Director, to find out more about the upcoming show.


Is Organic Food Best?

PDF (112 KB)

It is not all that long ago that organic food and products were viewed with suspicion and a little smile. "Green" people and politics were not really taken seriously. In the meantime, every supermarket has its own organic food section, there are several fairs, studies and conferences on the subject and "saving the world" has become politically correct.


Molded into Shape: Novel Process for Moldable Gum

PDF (529 KB)

The colors, raw materials and other ingredients in chewing gum are always changing - their shapes, on the other hand, have been limited to sticks, candycoated pellets and gumballs. CAPIVA® C 03, a premix from WACKER, is coming to the rescue and will allow manufacturers to deposit chewing gum into a variety of different molds.


Introduction of Unique Avocado Processing Line

PDF (297 KB)

The demand for avocados is increasing and thus the fresh processing of large quantities of the fruit become more and more important as well. KRONEN GmbH meets the requirements of the Convenience and Freshcut market and introduces the worldwide first avocado processing line, which allows the peeling and coring of big amounts within very short times and thereby creates a visually attractive product.