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Wellness Foods & Supplements

Issue 2/2011

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Wellness Foods & Supplements
Publication date: 01.06.2011
Baby food

Beauty food and natural beautifiers in the kitchen

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by Sabrina Schultjan, FIS Europe

Our grandmothers used to understand the art of adding colour and glow to their complexions using simple care products which can be found in any kitchen. The skin is our largest organ in terms of surface area, and forms a barrier between our body and the environment. This means it can be influenced from the inside as well as out. Creams and lotions are important, but so is a balanced diet.

Cover story

Simply healthier

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Agglomerated sweetening solutions combine nutritional benefits with convenient handling BENEO, one of the leading manufacturers of functional ingredients, offers a range of solutions to enable sugar reduction in food products and prides itself on producing innovative ingredient solutions for food manufacturers. By concentrating on the taste, functionality and qualitative elements of a product, BENEO has developed its agglomerated sweeteners which are simple to integrate and provide a multitude of benefits. Here, Dr Thomas Walter, Head of Business Development at BENEO, provides insight into how its agglomerated sweeteners can be incorporated into products to provide sweetening solutions that are h