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BOGE selectcair


Customer service of the future is today’s reality at BOGE

With the new BOGE selectcair after-market program, BOGE KOMPRESSOREN revolutionises its customer service. The concept is as unique as the extremely low-maintenance High Speed Turbo compressor (BOGE HST) for which it has been developed. The focus is on the technological advancement to customer-specifically achieve the highest efficiency values. To this end, the BOGE Analytics service option exploits the potential of all machine and production data. As a result, the compressed air systems manufacturer offers a proactive customer service – including continuous system optimisation.


BOGE selectcair is the future in the field of after-market and a quality promise. The service concept draws on the excellent efficiency values of the oil-free High Speed Turbo compressors. “Each component of BOGE HST has been optimised for its intended use. With BOGE select