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Issue 2017

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Published bilingually (German & English) right before Hannover Fair, PuK offers economic data from following departments: pumps, compressors, vaccum technology and components as well as new developments from all of these departments.

Publication date: 12.04.2017

Process optimisation through auto-tuning of pump systems – an efficiency boosting opportunity

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Increasingly, companies focus on improving the efficiency of their operations either by way of processing technologies or by way of supply engineering. Pumps of all kinds are significant users in operating companies. Aside from redesigning pump units, operators have three options to increase the efficiency of existing pump systems: Retrofitting the power unit using motors and pumps with higher energy conversion efficiencies, adapting the dimensions and ratings of pumps and motors and adopting the most appropriate speedcontrolled operating mode. The latter is the modern solution for new installations and when retrofitting existing equipment. However, achieving an efficient speed-control, which is customised to the overall system, may not be as simple as it sounds. If additional operating mode variances may exist aside from the setpoints for pressure and flow rates, the correct setpoint for the motor speed is an open question. It is possible to calculate energy-efficient operating points through the input of characteristic values in the control system. However, in many cases, the characteristic curves and the system performance are not sufficiently known, and obtaining the exact values would require considerable effort. In this situation, self-optimising control systems are the solution. They adapt the used pump system and implement energysaving operational strategies during the ongoing operation.