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food Marketing & Technology

Issue 2-2018

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food Marketing & Technology
Publication date: 23.04.2018
Cover Story

Vision Fuels Growth at T H Clements

PDF (279 KB)

T H Clements, based near Boston in the UK, was founded in 1940 by Harry Clements, who had a vision to supply customers with the finest, freshest vegetables. Today, this third-generation family business is firmly established among the UK's leading vegetable processors. To ensure their high product quality standards are consistently achieved day-in and day-out, they recently installed the world's most advanced digital sorter - VERYX® from Key Technology.


Recognising Fake News

PDF (118 KB)

We live in strange times. In a society where information is power, people are finding it more difficult to decide which information they can believe and which is 'fake'. The only day where people actually seem to question what they read is April 1st, traditionally a day where tricks are acceptable. For this April issue I have put together a few news stories which are true. Except one, which I have made up.


Taste and Flavor Modulation with Organic Acids in Sugar Confectionery

PDF (217 KB)

The Main component of classic sugar confectionery products, like hard boiled or gummy candies of course, is sucrose. However, as candies are increasingly a target for sugar reduction exercises, polyols, such as isomalt, would then be the main ingredient. Flavor is then added to give the candy the desired taste. But in order to create a well-balanced, delicious product, one more ingredient is essential. For a rounded, optimized taste profile an organic acid is needed to counteract the sweetness. Traditionally citric acid has been the acidulant of choice in the sugar confectionery industry. But acids do not simply provide sourness. Depending on the type of acid and its individual taste characteristics, it will influence the whole taste profile of the final product. The interaction of flavor,


Packaging Steel is a Pioneer in Sustainability

PDF (192 KB)

Since it became known that plastic residue can find its way into the food chain in the form of so-called micro plastic, the general public has realized that plastic packaging is less environmentally friendly than expected and that it requires increased recycling efforts. For other materials, recycling mechanisms have been established for a long time. Packaging steel, for example, has been at the forefront of recycling for years, even compared to glass, aluminum or cardboard.


SPX FLOW Solutions: How Service Should Be Delivered

PDF (146 KB)

SPX FLOW is re-defining the provision of life cycle solutions by integrating its services throughout the full life cycle of a product after the initial purchase. What does this mean for customers? Well, that depends! The point is that each customer will gain different benefits depending on what their goals and priorities are for their plants, processing system and products.