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food Marketing & Technology

Issue 3-2017

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Please find numerous articles, product news and interesting event reports relevant to the food industry in this latest issue. This trade magazine is published in English only.

food Marketing & Technology
Publication date: 08.06.2017
Cover Story

Automatic Dry Powder Handling in the Production of Baby Milk Powder: When Process Safety is Vital

PDF (278 KB)

After the baby milk powder scandal in China, the confidence of the Chinese in the domestic production is massively damaged. At that time, hundreds of thousands of babies fell ill and some died because contaminated milk powder had come on to the market. To ensure the quality of baby milk powder, the Chinese government has issued new regulations. These considerably increase the prerequisites for the granting of a production license. The Chinese manufacturers of baby milk powder are therefore forced to produce strictly according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). The new rules clearly outline the requirements for the production process and the equipment of a baby milk powder manufacturing plant. Many manufacturers have turned to AZO to find solutions that meet these requirements. AZO systems enable Chinese manufacturers to continue to exist on the market.


Tailormade Advertising for Everyone

PDF (118 KB)

Have you noticed how much consumer advertising is specifically aimed at age? Whether Generation XYZ, Millennials, Perennials, Baby Boomers or Silver Agers, there seems to be something specific for everyone.


Innovative Food Packaging: New Papers with Integrated Functionalities

PDF (175 KB)

Sappi was the first specialist paper manufacturer to launch packaging papers with integrated barrier functionalities for food protection. At Interpack 2017, Sappi presented fresh new innovations in t he field of "Functional Papers".


Successful Product Recovery and Waste Reduction

PDF (2 MB)

Anyone who has ever consumed a plate of sauce-covered chicken wings or watched a three-year-old attempt to eat a two-scoop hot fudge sundae knows that food can be messy. Also, do parents accept when their children waste food? So, why should food processors accept left-over product in their tanks, and pump inlet and discharge lines? The point is that messy and wasteful are the last things that food production processes can be as precision remains the most important ingredient.

A Novel, Sugar-Free Binder Syrup for Healthier Snacks

PDF (531 KB)

A spotlight has been cast on added sugars in food systems and the desire for alternative options to sugars has become more pronounced. In snacks and convenience foods, taste is one of the primary drivers for consumption. Simply removing sugar without a replacement is not always an option.