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drink Technology + Marketing

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drink Technology + Marketing
Erscheinungstermin: 27.03.2017

A Coming of Age - 21 Years of drink Technology + Marketing

PDF (472 KB)

Sometimes it is difficult to believe our children are growing up. This is partly because it means we are also getting older. But mostly it is something to be proud of. In the USA, the UK and some other countries 21 is a very special birthday. It means you are mature and able to make your own decisions about anything - you have "Come of Age."


Slow Beer Brewed on Bornholm Steps up the Pace

PDF (2 MB)

Within just 15 years a small brewery on the island of Bornholm has emerged as one of Denmark's leading suppliers of speciality beers. It is now targeting further expansion driven by exports. Punchy labels that hold fast even on wet surfaces thanks to multi-layer adhesive technology are an essential ingredient of successful marketing.


Harnessing Yeast’s Natural Biodiversity to Help Fuel Innovation in Craft Brewing

PDF (3 MB)

Up until the industrialization of beer in the late nineteenth century, brewing all over the world was carried out locally and regionally, rather than nationally or globally as it is today. Brewing was undertaken mostly by pubs and small breweries that did not have industrialized ingredients to rely on, especially yeast, and as a result brewed using the local native flora that was kept alive by repitching a portion of the beer back into each new batch. This process of relying on indigenous yeasts to ferment their beers enabled these breweries to produce unique and flavorful offerings. However, the process was also plagued by inconsistency and a lack of scalability.


Japan: Functional Drinks and Health Claims in an Era of Post-“Foshu”

PDF (5 MB)

A common definition of functional products today usually states that they contain health ingredients and can claim health benefits beyond their nutritional value.

Messen & Veranstaltungen

Beverage Packages: The Perfect Blend of Individuality and Efficiency

PDF (5 MB)

In the beverage sector, the packaging industry has to kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, consumers expect individually designed packages, if possible with supplementary functions. And secondly, increasingly eco-minded drinks consumers are showing a growing thirst for resource-conserving containers manufactured with environmentally compatible methods. The industry achieves this balancing act with new packaging strategies and efficient production equipment.