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drink Technology + Marketing

Ausgabe 2-2017

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drink Technology + Marketing
Erscheinungstermin: 12.06.2017

Beer on the Up or Down

PDF (74 KB)

I guess with statistics you can prove just about anything. There are always figures which say beer consumption is growing or falling; is your glass half full or half empty?


Premium ‘Elmhurst’ Nut-Based Beverages in the Packaging Innovation from SIG

PDF (159 KB)

Steuben paves the way in the US: combidome carton bottle now also for low-acid products


Successful Beverage Concepts for Every Age

PDF (174 KB)

Beverages are a convenient delivery system for important nutrients. Bioactive Collagen Peptides® from GELITA enable drinks manufacturers to create versatile beverage concepts that are capable of meeting the most diverse consumer requirements, while being effective and easy to process, and having no impact on the sensory profile of the final product.



PDF (159 KB)

International Brewing & Cider Awards Winners


AODD Pumps Can Put the “Pop” in Soda Production

PDF (266 KB)

Wilden® Saniflo™ Hygienic™ Series (HS) and FDA AODD Pumps possess a long list of features and benefits that make them ideal for the many liquid-transfer points in the Soft-Drink Production Chain


Complete PET Line Solution for CSD Improves Production Flexibility and Beverage Consistency

PDF (351 KB)

Producers of carbonated soft drinks (CSD) today require production lines that are flexible and smart, without compromising on quality, speed and efficiency. These solutions allow for optimized production uptime, reduced resource consumption and quick stock keeping unit (SKU) changes, while keeping the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) consistent. Such an approach is the key to winning the challenges of today's CSD market, effectively recognising the roles that packaging, equipment, line design, clever automation, smart data management and on-going services all have to play.