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drink Technology + Marketing

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drink Technology + Marketing
Erscheinungstermin: 31.08.2017

Meeting Friends and Having Fun at Work

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Many readers will have heard the quote "Everything which is fun is either illegal, immoral or makes you fat. If it is a lot of fun, then often all three at once." This doesn't have to be the case! May I suggest a meeting with friends? There will be a lot of laughs, a lot of hugs and smiles and a lot of beer, wine and other delicious beverages. It can be as fun as you make it, is perfectly legal and you get paid for it. Visit the drinktec and Simei in Munich this September.


Excellence for your Production Line – Optical Process Sensors for Any Beverage

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Processing beverages is a sensitivejob. Producers always have to balancebetween different targets. On the onehand, the product specifications haveto be met and product quality has to beensured. Often the complete process hasto be monitored for taxation reasons. Onthe other hand, a cost-driven productionaims to save raw materials and preventany losses. All of this leads to highlyinstrumented process equipment. Themore complex a system becomes, thehigher the reliability and availabilitymust be. Consequently, maintenancefreesensors are the solution to meetusers' requirements. Last but not least: hygienic standards have to be fulfilled.


Natural Revolution on the Beverage Shelf

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The appearance of food and beverages has always been important for consumers' purchase decisions. Over the past few years, the importance of color has been growing even more. Consumers increasingly enjoy variety and therefore look for visual experiences. Also, modern technologies offer wide possibilities for manufacturers to be creative. This is particularly so in the natural color sector where great changes have been under way. With coloring foods, producers are able to combine visual appeal with clean-label drink concepts.


drinktec: The Future of Beverages

PDF (286 KB)

At drinktec 2017 we are expecting the greatest jump forward in innovation there has ever been so far. In fact 90% of the potential visitors have stressed the significance of this exhibition for innovations and product launches. Automation seems to be advancing in all sectors and levels in leaps and bounds. This is especially true for equipment in production, filling and logistics, but also for the interconnection of components and in measurement technology. Digitalization has progressed a long way among the industry leaders - even as far as a virtual factory, which opens up even more planning possibilities.


Individual Hygiene Concepts for Disinfection and Water Treatment

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